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One of the biggest online struggles is understanding your market and identifying which keywords will provide you with the most and highest quality traffic. Here we review some of today\'s most used online market & keyword tools.
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Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a low-priced, one time payment keyword research and SEO tool. But how does it work and what does it offer that the free tools do...(Read More)
Being able to identify first WHAT to sell and then WHO to sell it to are perhaps two of the most important aspects of making money online. 

WHAT to sell?  This is all about product and market research.  Are people buying this product?  Where can I find this product to sell?  How much competition is there in this niche? 

WHO do you sell this to?  And more importantly, how are you going to find these customers.

The WHAT question focuses on market and product research. 

The WHO question focuses a lot on keyword research.

The amazing thing about both market/product research and keyword research is that it is very analytical and straightforward.  The numbers are out there!  You just need to know where to look.

There ARE free tools (like the Google Keyword Tool) which is free and can provide you with a lot of empirical numbers of keyword search volumes and trends. 

Still, these free tools don\'t look much deeper than just the numbers.  Remember, all keywords are NOT created equal.  (The same thing goes with markets and products, too!).

A low quality keyword that gets 100,000 searches per day may be worth LESS than a high quality keyword that get 100 searches per day.  Being able to identify these high and low quality keywords (and markets!) are a major key to online success.

The tools I review below are ones that I have tried and use regularly and in many cases, I couldn\'t live with them!  Investing in a good keyword research and marketing tool can save you tons of time and money (plus, it can accelerate your current campaigns to success!).