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Having a proper help desk or live chat link on your website can increase the conversion of your website tremendously. But how do you do it affordably? Here are a few ways...
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Live Chime

Live Chime offers a simple one-click solution to adding live chat onto your website. But is this enough (and is it REALLY as simple as one click?)....(Read More)

In the current online world of social media and social networks, developing trust in others in one of the most crucial aspects of successfully running an online business. 

One of the best ways of developing this trust is with customer support.  But the online environment has changed a lot, too.  Email support is sometimes not enough. 

First, by posting an email on your website, you are exposing yourself to automated "spiders" to find and gather these emails for the sole purpose of spamming.  This can cause huge problems when trying to filter out real customers versus fake ones. 

(I used to receive over 150 pieces of junk mail per day on my business email to only 1-2 "real" emails per day...most of these real emails got lost.)

Offering support is one thing, but not responding can have very bad effects on your website.

Using a help desk to manage support forces real humans to send messages.  Second, most help desks manage these "tickets" much more effectively than email. 

If a ticket remains unanswered, it says in the queue.  With email, it is likely to see a request but forget to answer it.  Again, very bad. 

Plus, there is scalability.  As your website grows, it will require more support.  Email support is not very scalable, but using a help desk is very scalable.  This even allows you to outsource your support if your site grows big enough. 

So many reasons to use a help desk/support desk.  I use them on ALL of my websites. Some are easier to install, but may be more costly.  Others are free, but require some technical skills.  We present the range here.

Plus, we introduce you to ways of integrating Live Chat support to your website with little cost and essentially no set-up.