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Welcome to TheWebReviewer!

My name is Matt Bredel and I started TheWebReviewer.com back in 2006.  Let me tell you the story briefly…

I’m sure this sounds familiar to you:  I was in my early 30s with 2 young kids, a mortgage, and a job that just wasn’t bringing in quite enough money.  As you probably did, I started to type things like “make money online”, “get rich quick”, “home based business”, etc.  I never really expected to do anything myself, but I thought maybe my wife could work on something during the days and I could help out at nights.

My first review on Blogger.

My first review on Blogger.

After a late night, I was sold on an eBook called “The Life Empowered”.  The book no longer exists and it really wasn’t as simple as the website described it (or any of the 100s of similar books on the market).  Still, it made a HUGE impact on my life and it introduced me to a world that I never thought existed:  Internet Marketing.

I did everything the book told me at first (Affiliate Marketing, Adwords, Blogs, Craigslist (at the time), article writing, etc.).  The first couple of months…no results (about $300 in costs).   I kept driving…I wanted to make this work and I spent about 2 hours per night after work doing this (as you can see, my wife was not involved at this point…in fact, she thought I was crazy).  I kept buying eBooks and researching on the web.  I kept learning from my mistakes.  Finally, in month #3 I made my first sale!  After spending about $500, I made a $7 commission on Proactiv solution.  It felt like a MILLION BUCKS!

“See I told you!” – said to my wife (with her just laughing at me).

TheWebReviewer.com's beginning (it ain't pretty!)

TheWebReviewer.com’s beginnings (it ain’t pretty!)

At this point, I was starting to understand the business a bit more and I had read about 10 eBooks by this time.  I knew my current venture would not make money, so I shifted my focus and created a website called TheWebReviewer.com, where I would review the eBooks that I was reading and evaluate them.  It just seemed natural and besides, I had a major interest in this topic (where trying to spam forums pretending to be a 16 year old with acne just didn’t feel right!).

Through trial and error (and to some degree, just brutal honesty), I started to make one sale per week…then one per day…then $100 per day.  This was in about 6 months now.

That’s $3000 per Month!

I invested in more education.  I started to sneak away to trade shows on the weekends.  I continued to review more products.  I started to network with other internet marketers and the products I promoted.

At the 9 Month Mark, I was making $7000 & Quit My $100K/year Job!

This is when things went wild!  TheWebReviewer started to grow more.  I then decided to create my own education package (which you can get here now called TruGuru…a crash-course is available for free when you sign up!).  In late 2007 I started to sell the product as well as license it other companies.


The good ol’ days of showing check and proof! (Yes, the checks were real…)

We had a third child and my wife started to work with me to manage the business.  Money was awesome!  The freedom was unbelieveable.  I started to know all of the big names in the business and made myself heard as a power-affiliate marketer.

But nothing last forever…

Remember 2008?  Yes, that year kind of sucked for a lot of us.  The economy crashed and with it, a lot of the partnerships and licensing fees I was receiving.  Some of my friends (who made millions per month) were getting shut down (one even arrested for fraud).  Then Google decided to ban me from Adwords because I was a “review site”.  (This happened overnight with no explanation or no one to call about it…I was spending 6-figures annually on Adwords).

Bills needed to get paid.  My wife got pregnant. Health care went through the roof.  I kind of went through a mental breakdown.  Yes, a pleasant time in my life.  I closed up two of my three companies (merged them into one, NetWebVideo LLC), did a short sale on my two homes, and went back to my J.O.B.

The Internet Marketing Dream, Right?

Believe it or not, this was all a blessing in disguise.  First, I can say that I lived “The Internet Marketing Dream”…at least for two years.  Second, getting back to a stable 9-5 job brought a whole new sense of relief that is tough to describe.  I went from inventing money constantly to making money once again.  (And having affordable health benefits is  awesome!)

I appreciated my family and my job more than any time in my life.

And at the end of this all, I have all of the assets, knowledge and networks that I created back in my “work at home” days.  I’ve gone back to my roots and focus on what I do best:  Reviewing products and letting you know where to go make this work for you.  It is still patronage, like yourself, that buy products through my recommended links and keeps me motivated to continue to write and grow TheWebReviewer.  Of course, the money is good and it gets me that $1000-$2000/month that I need to get over that original need.

Could I have made internet marketing work still?

I think so, but the cost to my sanity and my family was too great.  I see witnessed the evolution of the internet over the past 8 years and I’ll admit it, it is tougher now than it was before.  There are right ways to make money online, which takes time and commitment and there are “dodgy ways” to make money (which I know a lot about to, but choose not to participate in).

I do believe that ANYONE can make money online.  My job is to point you the correct tools and products to get you there.  I don’t review too many “internet marketing programs” anymore, because frankly none of them are very good.  I recommend you check out my TruGuru stuff. The 10-week course is free (get it: TheWebReviewer Extreme – TruGuru here), but access to everything is only $47…way less than I have ever charged for it and what it is worth. The videos and content are a few years old, but most of it is still extremely relevant to today.

I do welcome suggestions in the helpdesk or the comments below.  I don’t offer consulting (frankly, don’t have the time with 4 kids, 2 dogs, a bearded dragon, a day job and an internet marketing job), but I will try to answer the quick questions to help you get over your humps.

Enjoy!  cheers…matt (a.k.a. TheWebReviewer)



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